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body double is a 1984 american erotic thriller film cowritten and directed by brian de palma and starring craig wasson gregg henry melanie griffith and deborah sheltonthe original musical score was composed by pino donaggio the film was a direct homage to the films of alfred hitchcock specifically rear window 1954.

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This page is a brief introduction to the actors and actresses of korean movies.

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A b movie or b film is a lowbudget commercial movie but not an arthouse filmin its original usage during the golden age of hollywood the term more precisely identified films intended for distribution as the lesspublicized bottom half of a double feature akin to bsides for recorded music although the us production of movies intended as.

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The history of sex in cinema movie titleyear and filmscene description screenshots red shoe diaries the movie 1992 aka wild orchid iii red shoe diaries this feature length film the debut pilot movie in r and unrated versions was a prelude to the entire anthology series.

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All movies currently playing in theaters you can sort this list alphabetically by release date mpaa rating and genre view schedules and information for movies now playing and coming soon to theaters.

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By lee pfeiffer cinema retro tries to remain neutral when it comes to weighing in on political issues of the day about the only time politics enters our pages is when its in the context of a review or analysis of the political elements of a film or stage production.

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When the oriental theatre opened in 1927 it was among the most exotic and ornate movie palaces to have opened in milwaukee with its middle eastern.

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